Are you happen to be developing a game and in need of royalty-free, loop formatted music? Look no further! ecrett music is an AI driven music composing software (works best on Chrome).

About ecrett

- Royalty free

- Loop format

- Easy customization

- Commercial use

- Unlimited download

Select & Create

Select from SCENE, MOOD or GENRE,
then click CREATE MUSIC button

Easy Customization

Customize the instruments and
composition to match your contents.
*Download is available on the website.

Game themed music

New music added monthly


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Wow! This is amazing!

how can I save my music?

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Great Program!!! Really make game-dev simpler!

I've got only one issue: it's really expensive. It would be nice, if you could buy one music, instead of buying monhtly bilied subscription.

This is pretty good and easy to use, thank you!

Deeply Impressed. What would you consider good combinations for a Cyberpunk Shooter Game?

Thanks FoxFX!!

You can create cyberpunk-ish music with SF tag!

Also, feel free to make a request at as we add music every month :)

Save as MIDI would be nice :)

Thanks for the comment!

We are planning to expand the options of file format :)